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Oh Helena

Download or stream my debut single "Oh Helena" for free from the music player up above!

Currently recording the B-side "No Response".

  1. Oh Helena
  2. No Response

Upcoming Shows

There are currently no booked shows. Check back later!


GoDreamerGo is an American Acoustic Pop Rock act with Andrew Rivera (@AndrewMRiv) on Vocals and Acoustic guitar.

The songs are made up of a mix of lyrics from the heart and simple catchy melodies.

Live Lineup

Omar Lopez - Synth, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Derek Fraizer - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Matt Orosco - Bass, Backing Vocals


If you wish to contact Andrew from GoDreamerGo, send and email to: godreamergo[at]godreamergo.com.

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